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Day 58 – Q 3.How do activities of foreign intelligence agencies undermine India’s internal security? Examine.

3. How do activities of foreign intelligence agencies undermine India’s internal security? Examine.


India is a country which has proved its mettle around the world by its strong economy, strong defence infrastructure and has increased its bargaining power by being a nuclear power. Due to its Geo Political, Geo Strategic and economic importance; different Foreign Intelligence agencies keep a track on Indian activities. India’s Internal Security is under threat due to a constant vigil and the balance of power dynamics in the region.


In times of Nuclear World, the focus is more on deterrence than offense- Intelligence is like “The New Oil” in the defence arena. The most famous Intelligence agencies of the world, which has an eye on Indian security scenario are- 

  • The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of United States of America.
  • Ministry of State Security (MSS) of China
  • Mossad of Israel
  • The Federal Security Service of Russia and so on.

The examples in the past wherein different Foreign Intelligence agencies have interfered with Indian Internal security, either directly in causing attacks, carry out incidences which could lead to disruption of peace in a particular region or hide a particular intelligence which they had received, which if shared with India could have averted a particular attack, are as follows-

  • Kashmir crisis – The ISI has been accused and repeated evidence which have shown about the ISI’s involvement in incidences leading to instability & violence in Kashmir valley, mostly by sheltering and promoting infiltrators.
  • North East Insurgency: Agencies like the Chinese MSS, have often been accused of supporting agencies like ULFA in Assam, NSCN (K) in Nagaland, also insurgency in Manipur, etc.
  • CIA’s soft stand on terror outfits – The Central Intelligence agency of United States of America, has been accused of being soft on terror outfits like Haqqani network, etc. They have differentiated between Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism on subjective points. However, the outfits that are benign to USA have been malignant to India’s security.

   Broadly, these agencies affect Indian security on these grounds- 

  • Collecting clandestine information related to the border areas.
  • They tamper the information related to trade.
  • Tempering the information related to defense needs, like the CIA collected information on the defense needs to India.
  • Many intelligence agencies have started using advance technologies like Artificial intelligence, use of satellites, use of various types of drones etc.
  • They have started to using NGOs to spread their purpose, in the disguise of global morality.
  • They have carried out the incidents of Cyber the incidents of Government websites getting hacked- like those of various Universities, various governmental departments is a common scene.
  • They create sleeper cells, which can be activated based on their needs only.
  • They have promoted counterfeit currency, money laundering and hawala systems to promote Terrorism.

It is necessary, that India steps up its measures and create a mechanism in order to tackle these agencies, for this it is important that India makes use of these agencies for its benefit and not becomes a victim of their anti-India intentions, this can be done by the following methods-

  • Stepping up India’s Intelligence agencies by strengthening the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).
  • Regulating foreign aid in sensitive areas.
  • Keeping a strict vigil on NGOs with malafide intentions.
  • Steeping up the financial assistance and capacity building of Intelligence agencies.
  • Strengthen the borders.
  • Keeping a strict vigil on various sensitive spots in India
  • Identifies suspicious people on Social Media.


Thus, it is important that India identifies the roles of different Intelligence agencies, steps up its defense, strengthens itself technologically and give due diligence to Intelligence and research and hence, keeping the threats to internal security  by various intelligence agencies at bay.


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