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Day 1 – Q 3.Examine the significance of the 1928 Motilal Nehru Committee report as a significant input for the Constitution of India.

3. Examine the significance of the 1928 Motilal Nehru Committee report as a significant input for the Constitution of India.  

भारत के संविधान के लिए महत्वपूर्ण इनपुट के रूप में 1928 मोतीलाल नेहरू समिति की रिपोर्ट के महत्व की जांच करें।


When Indians agitated against Simon commission, Lord Birkenhead threw challenge to the Indian leaders to frame proposal of constitutional reforms acceptable for all. In response to this, All Parties Conference held in Mumbai appointed committee under Motilal Nehru to consider and determine the principles of the Constitution for India.


Nehru report was the first attempt to prepare a Constitution of India. Though, the report was rejected by Muslim league, it had number of recommendations like system of government to be adopted (parliamentary/presidential), voting rights to people (limited franchise/universal adult suffrage) and others which provided vital inputs for members of constituent assembly, to base Indian constitution on certain principles.

  • Need to have Strong centre to maintain national unity. Committee had recommended Federal form of Government in India with Residuary powers to be vested with centre.
  • Parliamentary system of government to ensure wider representation.
  • Separation of powers to avoid concentration and resulting abuse of power. Report recommended separating judiciary from executive.
  • Ensure Equality among its citizens without discriminating between rich-poor, men-women, literate-illiterate. Report called for universal adult suffrage which even constitution provided.
  • It recommended joint electorate in place of communal electorate as latter would arouse communal sentiments, detrimental to social harmony. As a tool of political justice, Joint electorate system continued in India post-independence.
  • Report had provided fundamental rights for citizens, drawing inspiration from Bill of Rights. On same lines, Constitution of India provides for fundamental rights essential for individual growth and vests their protection under Supreme Court.
  • Report stood for no state religion. On similar lines, Indian constitution provides equal protection and promotion of all religions (Article 25-28, secularism concept).


With many of the recommendations ultimately finding place in constitution, it can be said that Nehru Report was in effect an outline of a draft constitution for India.

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