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Day 11 – Q 5.What reasons would you attribute to the decline of parliamentary standards? Can you suggest some remedies?

5. What reasons would you attribute to the decline of parliamentary standards? Can you suggest some remedies?

संसदीय मानकों के पतन के लिए आप किन कारणों का श्रेय देंगे? क्या आप कुछ उपचार सुझा सकते हैं?


In recent times, as highlighted by studies of ADR and PRS, the efficiency of parliament has declined. Parliament is meeting of as little as 70-80 days a year. Its sessions are crippled with disrupt, noise and fruitless discussions. Parliamentary committees have become susceptible to party based politics. Passive parliament has given way to Judicial activism.


Some reasons for this decline are:

  • The ethical standards of legislators have declined. Concern for the country and the sense of responsibility is declining day by day.
  • Reduced number of days of sitting often causes insufficient time allocation for many sensitive and worthy issues.
  • Controversial actions by ruling party – ordinances, redefining bills as money bills –too invoke ire of opposition.
  • 31% of MPs in current Lok Sabha are from criminal background such leaders erodes the moral authority of the parliament.
  • Frequent elections motivate parties to do unjustified criticism on the floor.
  • Lack of subject expertise to parliamentarians resulting in delegated legislation and bureaucratization.
  • Anti-defection and order of whip are preventing from free discussions.
  • Misuse of parliamentary privileges.

Remedial measures:

  • Number of days of sittings should be increased. NCRWC has recommended fixing number of working days to Loksabha-120 and Rajyasabha-100.
  • Monetary penalties for indiscipline.
  • Powers of ethics committees should be increased.
  • Speaker and Chairman should be given more teeth to curb indiscipline.
  • Need to evolve Code of conduct for parliamentarians.
  • Codification of parliamentary privileges.
  • As recommended by 2nd ARC, power to disqualify members of parliament for defection should be vested with President guided by the advice of Election Commission.


With number of issues plaguing parliament, implementing above measures is necessary to protect its dignity.  

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