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Day 13 – Q 5. How do temperate cyclones affect weather conditions? Illustrate.

5. How do temperate cyclones affect weather conditions? Illustrate.

समशीतोष्ण चक्रवात मौसम की स्थिति को कैसे प्रभावित करते हैं? उदाहरण देकर स्पष्ट करें।


Temperate cyclones are atmospheric disturbances with low-pressure centres occurring in the in the middle latitudes. The polar fronts created due to contrasting air masses (warm tropical air mass & cold, dense polar air mass) are responsible for the origin and development of temperate cyclones.


Different parts of temperate cyclones are associated with varying weather conditions because of different types of air masses and varying temperature conditions.

Warm Frontal Precipitation:

  • With the arrival of warm front of the cyclone heavy showers begin with nimbostratus clouds.
  • Warm air rises slowly along the front. Hence the precipitation is slow, gradual but of long duration.

Warm sector:

  • Sky becomes cloudless and clear but there may be some occasional drizzles.
  • There is sudden rise in air temperature and increase in the specific humidity of the air but air pressure decreases remarkably.

Cold front:

  • With the arrival of cold front temperature decreases.
  • As cold air pushes the warm air upward, sky is again covered with clouds which soon start precipitation.

Cold frontal precipitation:

  • Since warm air is forcibly lifted upwards sky becomes overcast with cumulonimbus clouds.
  • Heavy downpour with thunder and lightning.
  • Precipitation is of short duration.

Cold sector:

  • Sharp fall in temperature.
  • Sky becomes cloudless and hence clear.


Temperate cyclones are associated with blizzards in North America  and western disturbances in India. They are usually distributed over USA, Canada, belt extending from Iceland to Barents Sea continuing over Russia and Siberia, Mediterranean basin extending even up to India in winters. Thus, in a way temperate cyclones play an important role in global heat transfer.

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