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Day 17 – Q 4. What measures have been taken by the government to promote tourism sector in India? Elaborate.

4. What measures have been taken  by the government to promote tourism sector in India? Elaborate.   

भारत में पर्यटन क्षेत्र को बढ़ावा देने के लिए सरकार द्वारा क्या उपाय किए गए हैं? विस्तार से बतायें।


India’s diverse geographical features as well as distinct cultural norms provide for a great tourism opportunity. This tourism potential is being tapped through a wide range of tourism products like medical, spiritual, eco-tourism, wildlife, pilgrimage and cultural tourism.


Certain measures have been taken by the government to promote tourism

  • Dedicated sites- Cities are being developed under PRASAD and HRIDAY schemes to attract tourists.
  • Theme based circuits- Swadesh darshan scheme, Golden triangle connecting Delhi, Jaipur and Agra help in providing a complete tourism package based on similar themes.
  • Infrastructure development- Sagarmala project, UDAN initiative, smart cities, Accessible India, help in creating necessary infrastructure and connectivity.
  • Reforms regarding tourism industry- Ease of doing business, startup India, tax concessions make it easier to expand the tourism sector as well as provide employment opportunity.
  • Skill development- Inducing youth in hospitality sector under ‘Hunar se rojgar tak’ as well as improving service standards in the sector.
  • Eased accessibility- E-visa, visa on arrival, relaxed norms for tourists in North-east and Andaman Islands.
  • Preservation- Hamari dharohar, Adopt a Heritage will help preserve monuments.
  • Expanding horizon- Emphasis on new tourism products like Adventure, Rural, Sustainable, Domestic, Culinary tourism etc.
  • Use of technology- Launching of mobile app like swachh paryatan, use of social media.
  • Promotion- Atithi Devo Bhava Campaign, Paryatana Parv, frequent advertisements by states help in promoting tourism.

Despite these measures, the sector has not grown to its full potential due to challenges like-

  • Safety concerns- Crime against tourists, especially women need to be dealt with strictly.
  • Infrastructure and connectivity problems in remote areas.
  • Cleanliness and habitable hotels


Tourism sector has immense potential for development and if fully tapped can help in creating employment, build forex reserves, improve India’s image globally as well as spread the unique Indian way of life throughout the world.

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