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Day 3 – Q 1.What is retreating Monsoon? How does it differ from Northeastern Monsoon? Explain.

1. What is retreating Monsoon? How does it differ from Northeastern Monsoon? Explain.

मानसून की वापसी से आप क्या समझते हैं? यह पूर्वोत्तर मानसून से अलग कैसे है? स्पष्ट करें।


In simple words, retreating means withdrawal. So, withdrawal of south-west monsoon winds from skies of north India during months of October and November is known as retreating monsoon. The withdrawal is gradually and takes about three months.


Difference between retreating monsoon and north east monsoon:

Retreating monsoon:

  • With retreat of the monsoons, the clouds disappear and the sky becomes clear. The day temperature starts falling steeply.
  • Monsoon rains weakens all over India except few south eastern states.
  • Monsoon trough weakens and gradually shifts south wards
  • Most severe and devastating tropical cyclones originate in the Indian seas especially in the Bay of Bengal due to retreating monsoons.
  • Direction of winds is from North west to south east and Winds blow from surface to sea there by carrying no moisture.  
  • It is helpful in Rabi crop cultivation.

North-eastern monsoon:

  • Northeast Monsoon affects only five sub-divisions of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, South Interior Karnataka, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra Pradesh
  • On-set of north east monsoon coincides with retreating monsoon winds.
  • Unlike retreating monsoon, onset of north eastern monsoon is not clearly defined.
  • Winds change its direction to north easterly beginning with Tamil Nadu, along with substantial increase in rainfall intensity and spread beginning with Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Rainfall variation is huge in north-east monsoon.
  • El-Niño has no effect on north-eastern monsoon winds unlike south-western monsoon winds.
  • Winds blow from sea to land there by causing rainfall. For instance, monsoon winds absorb moisture while passing through Bay of Bengal and cause rainfall in parts of Andhra and Tamil Nadu.
  • The rainfall helps in preparing land for next cropping season.

Wind pattern of how retreating of monsoon occur in India.


Both Retreating monsoon and North-eastern monsoon have certain advantages and disadvantages and affects the climatic conditions of the region through which it passes.

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