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Day 6 – Q 5.How does devolution of administrative and financial powers give democracy its true meaning? Illustrate by taking suitable examples.

5. How does devolution of administrative and financial powers give democracy its true meaning? Illustrate by taking suitable examples.    

प्रशासनिक और वित्तीय शक्तियों के विकास से लोकतंत्र को इसका वास्तविक अर्थ कैसे मिलता है? उपयुक्त उदाहरण लेकर स्पष्ट करें।


Introduction – You can write about the meaning of devolution and also link democracy to it.

Body – Divide it in two parts. In first part write about how administrative devolution of power gives democracy it true meaning. In second part, write the same about financial devolution of power.

Conclusion – Give a suitable and apt conclusion.


Devolution is the decentralisation of the powers, authorities which are concentrated in the hands of central authority. Indian constitution not only supports devolution of power but also promotes it. Democracy, which is the basic feature of preamble, also reflect by the devolution of power.


Devolution of administrative powers


  • Self-governing rights to religious denominations show the true meaning of democracy as it provides them with freedom to religion.
  • With the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments, there can be enhanced participatory democracy. This is because more administrative powers are given to panchayats and municipalities
  • As we have seen that devolution of powers brings better participation, it also gives better results.


For example, Nagaland communitization scheme where locals monitor schools, hospital etc.

The success of this is unprecedented.

  1. Social audit increases transparency and accountability, thus promotes democracy.

For eg: Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, where social audit is prevalent in every scheme, it provides better well–being to people living there.

Devolution of financial powers

  • With inclusion as the aim, participation of people in the financial sector need power to be given in their hands regarding their own resources.

For eg: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana created a true democracy by opening everyone’s account and in turn, it provided financial inclusion.

  • In self-help groups, financial powers are devolved to each member. It brings efficiency which brings democracy at grassroots
  • The grants provided to panchayats also shows democracy because it is spent according to the local needs
  • The collaboration of post and bank in form of IPPB which is also type of financial devolution from banks (which are mostly in cities) to villages


Thus we find that devolution of power brings democracy from top-down to bottom- up. Devolution brings application of democracy thus giving democracy its true meaning.

Best answer – Rahul

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