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Day 7 – Q 2.What are quasi-judicial bodies? How do they function? Illustrate with the help of suitable examples.

2. What are quasi-judicial bodies? How do they function? Illustrate with the help of suitable examples.

अर्ध-न्यायिक निकाय क्या हैं? वे कैसे काम करते हैं? उपयुक्त उदाहरणों की मदद से चित्रित करें।


Quasi-judicial bodies are such institutions which have power of enforcement of law but are not courts. These bodies can inquire, investigate, summon & award legal penalties to any administrative agency. Generally, these bodies have limited judiciary power in specialized areas.



  • These bodies usually have powers of adjudication in such matters as: breach of discipline, conduct rules, trust in the matters of money or otherwise.
  • Their powers are usually limited to a very specific area of expertise and authority, such as land use and zoning, financial markets, employment law, public standards, and/or a specific set of regulations of an agency.
  • Due to specialised functions, they help in faster delivery of judgements.
  • It Provides scope for specialization.
  • They help reduce burden of cases on High courts and Supreme court.
  • They are affordable, effective and more accessible for common man.
  • They work on principles of Natural Justice and delivery of judgements often depend on pre-determined set of rules.


1.National Human Rights Commission

2.State Human Rights Commission (established at each state)

3.Central Information Commission

4.State Information Commission (established at each state)

5.National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

6.StateConsumer Disputes Redressal Commission (established at each state)

7.Competition Commission of India

8.Appellate Tribunal for Electricity

9.Railway Claims Tribunal

10.Income Tax Appellate Tribunal

11.Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal

12.Central Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal

13.Banking Ombudsman

14.Income tax Ombudsman

Note: Explain atleast 2-3 from the above.


Quasi-Judicial bodies were meant to reduce burden on judiciary, but after SC verdict, appeals can be made against the decision of these bodies in High court. Also some of these bodies are just recommendatory in nature with not real powers. Steps have to be taken to give them autonomy and real powers on par with Judiciary to make them effective.

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