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Day 26 – Q 4. Examine the democratic principles that took a concrete shape post American independence.

4. Examine the democratic principles that took a concrete shape post American independence.

उन लोकतांत्रिक सिद्धांतों की जांच करें जिन्होंने अमेरिकी स्वतंत्रता के बाद एक ठोस आकार लिया।


American revolution (1765-1783) was the colonial revolt against British government was seminal and phenomenal incident of the history. It was a source to fight against monarchical rule and imperial power. As put by Thomas Paine – democratic ideology was cherished goal and the values post revolution consolidated them further.


Democratic principles that took concrete shape post American independence were

  1. Establishment of republican polity – American constitution was the first written constitution of world. It inspired people across globe to struggle for republican and democratic form of government.
  2. Separation of power between different organs i.e. executive, judiciary and legislature led to proper functioning and working in democracy.
  3. Rule of law which removed arbitrariness and authoritative power of monarch.
  4. Principles of liberty, equality emerged from the ideals of American institution.
  5. The bill of rights led to the end of slavery and certain rights limited the government against the authority of people.
  6. Adult franchise was given shape.

However, many democratic principles were lacking too:

  • Women, blacks were not given voting rights.
  • Racism against blacks, other ethnic people continued.
  • Slavery couldn’t abolished for many years.


Thus American constitution had a profound impact on the democratic and republican history of modern world. French revolution was also influenced by it and adopted the slogan of liberty, equality and fraternity. Indian constitution is also influenced by it .This can be seen in many of its fundamental rights.

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