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Day 28 – Q 1. Comment upon the transformation of India’s planning philosophy witnessed in last decade.

1. Comment upon the transformation of India’s planning philosophy witnessed in last decade.

पिछले दशक में भारत के नियोजन दर्शन के परिवर्तन पर टिप्पणी करें।


India’s planning strategy has undergone some major reforms in the last decade, including overhaul of entire planning organization, namely Planning Commission and discontinuation of basic planning schemas for the country, five-year plans.


Changes witnessed in planning philosophy:

  • Bottom-up approach- Formation of NITI Aayog has changed the direction of planning process from centralized decision making to decentralized one involving inputs from the states.
  • Cooperative federalism- Autonomy to states in various functions including fiscal matters like GST.
  • Inclusive growth- Boost to MSMEs instead of just heavy industries, handholding of innovative startups, special schemes for various groups like minorities, backward classes, manual scavengers etc.
  • Emphasis on social justice through direct intervention- Instead of subsidies, focus has shifted on more direct approaches like MGNREGA, direct benefit transfer, Jan aushadhi yojana, jan arogya yojana etc.
  • Evaluation based planning- Planning outcomes are evaluated on a yearly basis and more focus on governance and transparency.
  • Changed planning process- Instead of fixed five year plans, long-term, medium-term and short-term documents on vision, strategy and action agenda have been released.
  • Protection of environment- Earlier environment was neglected in the planning and development process, now it is an important element where no project can take off without necessary environmental audits.


Although, planning philosophy has had major changes in the past decade, still the basic problems like spread and quality of education, poverty, unemployment, and stagnant growth in various sectors do persist. It is time to show more political commitment in the proper implementation of various plans.

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