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Day 32 – Q 5. What led to the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East? Explain.

5. What led to the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East? Explain.

मध्य पूर्व में इस्लामी राज्य के उदय के कारण क्या थे? स्पष्ट करें।


Islamic state refers to the terrorist organization prevalent in middle state aiming to implement Shariat law all over the world and make one Islamic state for all Muslims spread all over the world


Various reasons for rise of Islamic state in the Middle East are as follows

  1. Spread of wahabism ideology – it is an ideology which act as guide for islamic state. It acts against the liberal ideology of western countries.
  2. Funding – Some experts alleged that super powers like US provided it funds which led to emergence of Islamic state.
  3. Social media – led to their presence all over the world like Indonesia , France etc. as it assists in carrying out lone wolf attacks.
  4. Military administration of Iraqi army took an unprecedented task of dissolving of Iraqi army. Thus a large no. of youth with military training lost their jobs creating band of robbers around Iraq.
  5. American actions of training of proxy warriors and use in policing functions increased prestige of militants in keeping the security in the eyes of people.

Measure to address Islamic state problem

  1. National security – especially on digital platforms which convert civilians into radicalistic.
  2. Control terror funding – FATF can play effective role here.
  3. Increasing awareness of youth on radicalisation
  4. Global effort to deal with terrorism with heavy head through convention like CCIT (comprehensive convention on terrorism) and regional grouping like SCO – RATS.
  5. Collaboration and coordination of intelligence agency all over the world like Mossad and RAW


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