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Day 36 – Q 1. Examine the concept of ‘swadeshi’ as a tool of fighting the foreign rule. How was it deployed in India’s freedom struggle?

1. Examine the concept of ‘swadeshi’ as a tool of fighting the foreign rule. How was it deployed in India’s freedom struggle?

विदेशी शासन से लड़ने के उपकरण के रूप में ‘स्वदेशी’ की अवधारणा का परीक्षण करें। इसे भारत के स्वतंत्रता संग्राम में कैसे उपयोग किया गया था?


The word swadeshi means ” AN ENTITY WHICH IS MADE ON HOME SOIL ” . It plays a crucial role in making indigenous things and avoid using the foreign things . In addition it helps the indigenous industries to grow as the foreign industries were giving tough competition to the indigenous industries .However, the use of swadeshi depends upon its operation scale i.e it depends upon the extent of social involvement .


The concept of swadeshi was used during the swadeshi moment which was held to mark as way of protest against the “SPLIT IN BENGAL ” . Some important accomplishments of Swadeshi were there, which can be put as follows: 

  1. Bengal Chemical Swadeshi Stores organised by P.C Ray.
  2. National Education Council formed on August 15,1906 for Spreading Swadeshi education.
  3. National College with Aurobindo Ghosh as it’s Principal.
  4. Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company by V.O. Chidambaram Pillai.
    In the economic field, textile mills, soap factories, handloom weaving units, insurance companies and national banks were opened.
  5. Swadeshi had also produced significant results in the field of art and culture. There was boom in nationalist poetry, prose and journalism. Patriotic songs written by Tagore, Syed Abu Mohammed are still popular and alive in Bengal.
    The most significant was active participation of women in the movement.
  6. Foreign cloths , liquor , food items were discarded and indigenous utensils were used
  7. Ganpati festivals started by Tilak as a mass gathering to spread nationalism

However, it does not lead to a success because of the following reasons:

1) huge Government repression

2) Emergence of a divide between the moderates and extremist as moderates want to confined the moment to Bengal only whereas the extremist want to expand it to other parts of country.

3) absence of strong leadership.

4) It confined mostly to upper and middle class

5) Failed to create effective organisation

Swadeshi contribution to freedom struggle

  • It encompassed different sphere i.e. art, culture and craft in freedom struggle
  • It undermined hegemony of Britishers.
  • Brought all section specially women and children in sphere of freedom struggle
  • Use of Khadi as nationalism


The legacy of Swadeshi can be seen in freedom struggle of African nationals too. Also even in globalised world swadeshi is used as a tool can be seen in India when people boycotted Chinese goods or Chinese people boycotted Japanese products. These are modern days uses of swadeshi.

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