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Day 37 – Q 1. What role did students play in India’s freedom struggle? Examine.

1. What role did students play in India’s freedom struggle? Examine.

भारत के स्वतंत्रता संग्राम में छात्रों की क्या भूमिका थी? जांच करें।


As said by doctor APJ Abdul Kalam “Nation development depend on What’s its people think”. Then people are grown trees whereas student are seeds.
In the Race where Mother India needed most of her children, the role of the student in the round cannot be forgotten.


Some important contribution of students during the freedom struggle-

1.In 1848 Dadabhai Naoroji founded ‘The student’s scientific and historical society, as a forum for discussion.

2.The student’s strike at King Edward Medical College ,Lahore was first student strike against discriminatory practice of English against Indians.

3.With the increased colonizers interference, the student movements also increased between 1906 to 1918 when 184 persons out of which 68 were students were convicted in Bengal in connection with revolutionary activities.

  1. Swadeshi Movement organised students and gave a revolutionary outlook such as boycott colleges, British goods, students clubs etc.

5.In 1912 All India College Students Conference nailed the students’ commitment to work for freedom with moto of “Swaraj first, education after”.

6.Student Christian Movement against western colonialism with aim to orient students with Christian faith.

  1. When Gandhiji launched his campaign against the Rowlett act and Jallianwala bagh atrocities, students participated in big numbers. Gandhiji called the students to withdraw from school and colleges. Students from all over the country responded promptly and boycotted schools and colleges.

8.Hindu Students Federation and All India Muslim Students Federation also added voice in freedom struggle by putting demands of students on the basis of their religious ideologies.

9.Quit India Movement got largest support of students .They successfully shut down colleges and get involved in most of leadership responsibilities eq- Matagini Hazra, Aruna Asaf Ali, Garimella Satya Narayana etc. They also provided link between underground leaders and movement 

10.The youth of India was not confined to Indian boundaries but also supported freedom struggle from nation abroad eq. Bhikaji Kama, Lala Hardayal etc.

  1. Students also played very important role in various campaign launched by Gandhiji against the British such as no tax campaign 1921, the civil disobedience movement, the Dandi satyagraha of 1930 etc. 
  2. In 1936, the all India student Federation, the first Student Organisation of India, was born in order to support the Indian National Congress in its struggles.


Students are the future of any country and they decide where the future of country can be taken. Indian students play this role well at the time of independence. Youth of India have always been remembered as dynamic, enthusiastic identities of nation. They were young, fresh brains and strength of country who raised a collective voice which added fuel to the fire of mass movement and showed the love for their motherland.

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