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Day 37 – Q 5. In what ways did partition shape India’s post independence society? Analyse.

5. In what ways did partition shape India’s post independence society? Analyse.

विभाजन ने किन तरीकों से स्वतंत्र भारत के समाज का निर्माण किया? विश्लेषण करें।


India was partitioned at Independence on 15th August 1947 into two distinct nations: Pakistan and India. The partition had serious social, political and economic impacts which had complicated the bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan.


Post-partition unspeakable atrocities were perpetrated on the minorities in both India and Pakistan. In the span of a few months, nearly 500,000 people were killed and property worth thousands of millions of rupees was looted and destroyed. Influx of migrants caused demographic changes in the border states, people were deprived of access to pilgrim centres. Thus experience of Partition and its immediate effect shaped post-independence society in the following way

  • Communal consciousness of people was aroused with the formation of Pakistan- principally Muslim state and India as Hindu dominated country. Dominance of Hindu community led to insecurity among Muslims in India.
  • Social segregation: clearly visible in the agglomeration of Muslim communities within a particular locality in cities.
  • Assertion by dominant communities: Positive discrimination by State to protect the interest of minorities had unintended consequences of further widening the gulf between Majority and Minority communities. Majority community feel they are discriminated in their own land and are increasingly assertive today.
  • Thus communal divide and riots became a distinctive feature of Indian social life.
  • Starting from partition, the country has witnessed a number of severe riots: dramatic events occurred in Calcutta, Rourkela, and Jamshedpur, Kashmir, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Moradabad, Nellie and Gujarat.
  • The controversy over the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya is a matter of national concern and there is a bone of contention between the two communities in each and every Indian city.


Thus, post-partition fragmented identities strengthened and much celebrated value of tolerance and acceptance appears to have weakened disturbing social harmony in the country. Exploitation of religious sentiments for political gains has further polarized the society.

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