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Day 38 – Q 1. Do you think too much religiosity hinders scientific temperament? Examine in the context of the Indian society.

1. Do you think too much religiosity hinders scientific temperament? Examine in the context of the Indian society.

क्या आपको लगता है कि बहुत अधिक धार्मिकता वैज्ञानिक स्वभाव में बाधा डालती है? भारतीय समाज के संदर्भ में जांच करें।


“Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind”
Words by Albert Einstein appeal masses regarding complimentary role that science and religion must play in human development.


What religion and science convey?

Science speaks of materialistic values and physical reasons of existence and laws governing it while religion looks beyond materialistic view into spiritual values with experienced.
Example- Many priest has been scientist in past like Sushruta and Kannada rishi to Aryabhatta.

Why conflict arises then?

Conflict arises when one or both competitively engage in imperialistic race irrespective of considering the evidences or facts or considering each other’s view.

Religiosity may seem to create hindrance in scientific temperament in Indian Context in following ways-

  1. Economic, Political, educational, cultural participation with rest of the world is necessary for growth and development. However, Gandhiji was threatened to be declared an outcast if he crossed the sea and went to England for studies. 
  2. Women by virtue of being equally capable must enjoy same rights as men. However gender equality is elusive due to strong religious sentiment regarding triple talaq, disallowing women entry in certain temples like Sabarimala, Shani Shingnapur considering menstruating women an impurity denying their entry without considering the fact that menstruation has been proved a normal physiological phenomenon.
  3. In case of conflict of ideas with science, too much religiosity results in disregarding scientific ideas. eg : Discrediting of Darwin’s Theory.
  4. Health taboos-Still people are claiming that shingles or pox due to deities impact or anger in spite of proven scientific evidence that it is an infectious viral disease.
  5. Casteism in India-Ancient Varna system considering to be shudras as impure and polluted without considering that are born of one cell zygote through similar genetic makeup with same physical or physiological capabilities yet it is prevalent still due to false superior dominancy

However, if religiosity is used with emotional intelligence and values of tolerance and compassion, as was practiced by Gandhiji, then scientific temperament will be enhanced

  1. Teaching of Vedas like “Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam” (Divine principle pervaded every atom of this universe) must have motivated people to find life in plants. 
    b) Glorious Quran begins with the word ‘Iqra’, directing the reader to read and seek knowledge, both of this world and hereafter. 
    c) All religious scriptures talk about creation of this universe. This must spark human brain to inquire more.


Aristotle said virtues are mean state between extremes of excess and deficiency. Religiosity brings brotherhood, compassion, piety, sobriety. However, must be practiced with tolerance and compassion to not hinder scientific temperament. Rightly said by Pope John Paul II “Science can make religion free of error and superstition. Religion can make science free of idolatry and absolutism”.

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