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Day 38 – Q 2. The absence of women at the level of policy making is a serious impediment to inclusive growth. Elucidate.

2. The absence of women at the level of policy making is a serious impediment to inclusive growth. Elucidate.

नीति निर्माण के स्तर पर महिलाओं की अनुपस्थिति समावेशी विकास के लिए एक गंभीर बाधा है। स्पष्ट करें।


Women in India make up 7.5% of the world’s total population.  In spite of this the representation of women in the level of policy making is abysmally low.The report Women In Politics ranked India at 148 position  in representation of women in executive government.


Absence of Women and its impediment to inclusive growth

  1. Lack of gender specific policies: Though there is increasing representation of women in agriculture, there is less attention provided to support women .

The budget allocated to projects concerning women are not a=utilised properly.

  1. Achieving gender equality is seen as essential to reducing poverty and improving governance. Women’s participation in politics can facilitate democracy, not only because it improves their civil rights and helps them speak out their interests, but also because powerful women tend to make different policy choices from their male counterparts, which are beneficial to the local distribution of public resources and the development. When a woman is in charge, they invest more in infrastructure which matches the needs of women in order to cover the imbalance of women resulting from the past ignorance of women.
  2. Women are more risk averse than men, leading them less corrupt since corruption can be regarded as risky activity.
  3. Role Models for other women : It is believed that women in the office are supposed to create and increase opportunities for the career of other women

The government of India has taken positive steps to improve participation of women in politics  by providing 1/3 rd reservation in panchayats and local bodies.


Participation is often necessary for inclusive growth and women participation will help India achieve more prosperity and increase in GDP, thus onus is on government to encourage them to participate in decision making process.

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