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Day 45 – Q 1. Bring out the role of CVC as an institution to address corrupt practices within the government.

1. Bring out the role of CVC as an institution to address corrupt practices within the government.    

सरकार के भीतर भ्रष्ट प्रथाओं को दूर करने के लिए एक संस्था के रूप में CVC की भूमिका को सामने लाएं।


Corruption is considered to be one of the gravest problems of Independent India, the issue is at the core of most of the problems of India. In this respect, Central Vigilance Commission was established in 1964 under the recommendations of Santhanam Committee. It gained statutory status under CVC Act 2003.


CVC is headed by Central Vigilance Commissioner and has two Vigilance Commissioners. They are appointed by President on recommendations of select committee comprising of Prime Minister as Chairperson, Union Minister of Home Affairs and Leader of opposition.

Role played by CVC as an institution to address corruption:

  • It monitors all vigilance activity under Union Government and advises various authorities in Union Government organizations in planning, executing, reforming their vigilance work.
  • CVC is “Designated Agency” to receive written complaints for disclosure on any allegation of corruption or misuse of office and recommend appropriate action.
  • It exercises superintendence over the functioning of the Delhi Special Police Establishment (DSPE) with respect to investigation under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 or offence under CRPC for certain categories of public servants and to give directions to the DSPE for discharging this responsibility.
  • CVC examines Civil Works of the Government through Chief Technical Officer: Technical audit of construction works of Governmental organisations from a vigilance perspective; Investigation of specific cases of complaints relating to construction works.
  • Advices central government on rules and regulation concerned with anti-corruption.
  • It has powers of civil court while conducting enquiry.

In line with the role assigned to it, CVC has proved to be an effective organization in tackling corruption. It has proved its mettle in the past by the following actions-

  • It has led to smooth appointment of important officers at various posts in the past.
  • It has taken noteworthy action in the past against senior officials, senior personnel and even many politicians.
  • It organizes vigilance week every year to create awareness against the menace of Corruption.

Issues associated with CVC

  • The Decisions of the CVC are not binding on the organizations or ministries thus seen “toothless tiger”.
  • Very low conviction rate has reduced the impact of CVC and its effectiveness.
  • There is huge delay in the cases that CVC handles, hence it does not act as an effective deterrent.
  • In most cases, the domains and the jurisdiction of the organizations is not clear (UPSC).


Corruption is one issue that needs effective institutions to tackle. Thus need of the hour is to strengthen CVC with respect to its mandate, the financial independence, increase in the implementation of otherwise the just advisory role of the CVC.

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