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Day 46 – Q 3. Do you think India should fight the Taliban in Afghanistan? Examine its pros and cons.

3. Do you think India should fight the Taliban in Afghanistan? Examine its pros and cons.

क्या आपको लगता है कि भारत को अफगानिस्तान में तालिबान से लड़ना चाहिए? इसके लाभ और हानियों की जांच करें।


Taliban was propped up in Afghanistan by America & Pakistan to further their agenda in the region (South Asia & Central Asia). Indian should fight Taliban in Afghanistan for the following pros:


  1. Its Islamic fundamentalist propaganda is polarizing/dividing/communalizing Indian society, thereby harming the secular & peaceful social fabric of the nation.
  2. By radicalizing Indian youth, it’s becoming an impediment to our nation being able to reap its fullest demographic dividend.
  3. After the exit of NATO forces from Afghanistan, India ought to put boots on the ground to root out this phenomenon and show it military dominance at regional level.

4.India can counter Chinese growing influence in middle east and Afghanistan.

Cons of fighting Taliban in Afghanistan:

  1. If our efforts don’t yield the desired results within a short span of time, we would be blamed for all ills in Afghanistan, thereby undermining our stature in the comity of nations & global politics.
  2. We’d also risk losing our credibility amongst the Afghans, if our efforts fail.
  3. Fighting Taliban in Afghanistan may become a drain on our resources, thereby preventing us from reaping our demographic dividend.
  4. our aspiration to connect Central Asia will be dented too if we lose there.

5.Bad experience of India in military intervention in Sri Lanka.

  1. Taliban is a force within the social sphere of Afghanistan backed by Pashtuns, which considers themselves de- facto rulers. Thus it will be against Panchsheel principles which forbids to interfere in internal matters.
  2. It is also against stand of India i.e. force under UN peace keeping forces.


Thus, fighting Taliban in Afghanistan, should be within the framework of a process that’s “Afghan owned and Afghan led” so that we safeguard our credibility as well as national interests. A possible way forward would be to reinforce Afghan forces’ capabilities via training and strategic & material support.

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