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Day 46 – Q 4. Have you witnessed a transformation in India’s China strategy in recent years? Analyse.

4. Have you witnessed a transformation in India’s China strategy in recent years? Analyse.

क्या आपने हाल के वर्षों में भारत की चीन रणनीति में परिवर्तन देखा है? विश्लेषण करें।


India-China relations have gone through a tumultuous phase in the last few years. There have been disputes   like Doklam standoff, China’s opposition to India’s entry in NSG . Though these incidents have cast a long shadow on bilateral relations, both New Delhi and Beijing took some steps to stabilize the relationship.


There has been a recent change in India-China strategy

1)Military cooperation: Hand in Hand exercise of India and China to improve capabilities of the armies to improve mutual cooperation and strongly fighting terrorism is a step to improve relations

2)Diplomatic cooperation: The Doklam stand-off was effectively handled by diplomats and resolved without a single bullet fired. China agreed about placing Pakistan on FATF terror finance list.

3)Economic activities:  Chinese companies have been effectively investing in India E.g.; Opening up of a manufacturing plants in Chennai for mobile phones.

Sister city agreement with Chinese cities to improve commercial and cultural ties

4)Culture relations: To enhance people to people contact India has signed agreements for movie collaborations.

5) Joining of groups like SCO: India  has successfully entered SCO which will result in more cooperation with China and better access to Central Asian countries

6)  Cooperation in creation of institution like NDB, AIIB which will help developing countries  of Asia, Africa

There has also been a lot of divergence between India –China policy  

  1. Chinese expansionist policy in  South China sea and pending boundary dispute  in Arunachal Pradesh , constructing of dams on upper  reach of Brahmaputra without consulting India .
  2. China ‘s continuous support to Pakistan and CPEC which challenges India sovereignty  is matter of conflict .
  3. Skewed trade balance which is in favour of China.
  4. India is now trying to expand influence in Africa by training African students in various fields, establishing  industries in Africa and improving Internet connectivity
  5. India is also cooperating with Australia, US and Japan to contain china’s influence and also to sustain principle of free maritime trade.
  6. Neighbourhood first policy: While China is trying to encircle India, India is now focussing on resolving issues with neighbouring countries and increase its influence

Eg: Though India –Nepal relation hit rock bottom and China gained advantage India is now trying to resolve tensions with Nepal.

Thus India is trying to balance its interests  with China along with its own aspirations and desires of being a balancing power to China .

Best  Answer: Aniket Sachan

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