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Day 47 – Q 4. Has the dynamics of Indo-US relations changed after the election of Donald Trump as the President? Critically evaluate.

4. Has the dynamics of Indo-US relations changed after the election of Donald Trump as the President? Critically evaluate.  

क्या राष्ट्रपति के रूप में डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प के चुनाव के बाद भारत-अमेरिका संबंधों की दशा और दिशा बदल गई है? समीक्षा करें।


Policies and Politics are greatly influenced by the people in power. The change in head of states is followed by both continuities in policies and changes which influence the bilateral and multilateral relation


Positive changes with Trump   in power

1) Defence Relations

  • Indo Pacific Moniker:  Trump administration that encouraged the adoption of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ moniker, which links the fate of the Western Pacific to the Indian Ocean region. The Trump administration also rechristened the US Pacific Command (PACOM) in Hawaii to the ‘US Indo-Pacific Command’. The renaming of the command, albeit largely symbolic, signifies India’s elevated role in the US security calculus.
  • On matters of defence interoperability, New Delhi and Washington recently inked the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA)
  • The U.S. has become India’s second largest supplier

2)  Trade relations: In 2017, the Indo-US bilateral trade of goods and services reached US$140 billion from US$118 billion in 2016, inching towards the Obama-era goal of US$500 billion.

3) Diplomatic relations: The Indo-US synergy at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to grey-list Pakistan was notable.

4) Respite from Iran sanctions: India has been allowed to temporarily engage with Iran without negative consequences.

5) India’s role in Afghanistan:  The role of India has been appreciated and India is been encouraged to take more steps for stability in Afghanistan

Negative impact of trumps policy:

  1. Climate policy: India has been accused of seeking billions in exchange for commitment to Paris accords.
  2. Issue with immigrants: The protectionist stance by America, tend to effect many immigrants from India as Indians are highest seekers of visas
  3. Trade wars:  US has accused India of high tariffs on Harley Davidson motorcycles –India has reduced tariffs since, also USA has increased tariffs on steel and aluminium products from India. India has toyed with idea of retaliatory tariffs but has  refrained till now
  4. Stance on issues like Afghanistan: USA announced the removal of troops from Afghanistan and want greater efforts to be taken by Asian neighbours but have not outlined a road map.


India   and USA need to set differences aside and work together to handle challenges like terrorism and increasing China’s influence. The need of hour is strong and structured relations between India and USA.

Best Answer: P29

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