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Day 49 – Q 4. What are the fears concerning the weaponisation of artificial intelligence? Discuss.

4. What are the fears concerning the weaponisation of artificial intelligence? Discuss.  

आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस के हथियारकरण से संबंधित भय क्या हैं? चर्चा करें।

Google cancelled its contract with the US Department of defence to develop a machine vision system known as Project Maven, which would analyse imagery captured by military drones to detect vehicles and other objects, track their motion and provide data to the military. The company’s employees signed en masse a letter to the company’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, stating that such a project would outsource the moral responsibility for the application of their work to a third party, and that they were not prepared to countenance Google or its contractors building what they referred to as “warfare technology”.


Fears about weaponisation of artificial intelligence:

  1. Drone managed by Humans: Remotely operated drones are currently used by several countries’ militaries to drop bombs on targets. But incidents in Afghanistan and elsewhere point that drone images aren’t enough to clearly distinguish between civilians and combatants.  AI technology can contain significant bias that affects its decision making, often with harmful effects.
  2. Humans pushed out of life and death decisions: Erosion of traditional socio-political structures and the possibility of great loss of lives due to accelerated growth of autonomous military applications and the use of weapon zed information, lies and propaganda to dangerously destabilize human groups. Some also fear cybercriminals’ reach into economic systems.
  3. Most AI tools are and will be in the hands of companies striving for profits or governments striving for power. Values and ethics are often not baked into the digital systems making people’s decisions for them. These systems are globally networked and not easy to regulate or rein in.
  4. There is overwhelming fear among experts about very bad copy of AI can fall in the hands of terrorists and cause huge destruction


The United Nations recently discussed the use of autonomous weapons and the possibility to institute an international ban on “killer robots.” After   100 leaders from artificial intelligence community like Elon Musk warned that it could lead to third revolution in warfare. There need to be more such discussions in order to avoid the misuse   of technology.

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