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Day 53 – Q 2. Do you think development deficit is the root cause of left wing extremism? Critically comment.

2. Do you think development deficit is the root cause of left wing extremism? Critically comment.

क्या आपको लगता है कि विकास की कमी वामपंथी उग्रवाद का मूल कारण है? समालोचनात्मक टिप्पणी करें।


The Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is the most serious internal threat the country is facing. Naxalism has been operating in several parts of the country. It has been there from the late 60s and 70s and different parts of the country have been affected with different levels of naxal violence. It has been tackled in different ways in all the seven affected states.

A significant change came about with the merger of the Peoples War Group and the MCC to form the CPI (Maoist) in 2004. Thus, there had been a fusion of the ideology with the armed groups, both coming together for the first time.


Development deficit in left-wing affected areas:

  • Land reforms

Beginning of LWE is often attributed to failure of land reforms in newly independent India. Most of the people living in Maoist affected areas are primarily agriculturists. For them land is the most important asset from which they are deprived of ownership.

  • Resource Curse and Industrialisation

Almost complete north to south contiguous belt of LWE affected area is rich in resources. Minerals such as iron ore and coal attracted many heavy industries, affecting the agriculture of the local people and exploitation of labor.

  • Administrative and political neglect

Apathetic behavior of administrators and lack of political will and integration is another major developmental issue in LWE affected areas.

  • Health, education and other public services

Lack of basic services such as quality healthcare, education, sanitation and other municipal services are leading to further deterioration of already poor communities.

  • Infrastructure

LWE affected areas are mostly remote and interior forest areas which lack proper road, railways and other communication infrastructure. Electricity and other basic infrastructure is also in poor condition.

But, development is not the only cause of Left Wing Extremism:

  • Maoists don’t believe in parliamentary democracy. They want to establish communist ideology in governance of the country.
  • The objective of the Maoist agenda is the armed overthrow of the Indian State.
  • Socio-cultural isolation is also another cause of feeling of alienation among people of LWE areas. Many of them have their own local tribal culture and ethnic identities.
  • Denial of forest rights remains one of the grievances of affected people.
  • Foreign funding by hostile countries to destabilize country and propaganda of Maoism is also responsible of persistent and violent behavior of Maoists in India.


From all the above observations and points it can be concluded that development is not the only reason behind violent Left Wing Extremism, but there are some other issues. The most basic is ideology itself is major bone of contention.

Best answer: Krishnakant

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