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Day 53 – Q 4. How does China-Pakistan axis pose a threat to India’s security ecosystem? Analyse.

4. How does China-Pakistan axis pose a threat to India’s security ecosystem? Analyse.    

चीन-पाकिस्तान धुरी भारत की सुरक्षा पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र के लिए खतरा कैसे पैदा करती है? विश्लेषण करें।


China and Pakistan describe each other as “all-weather friends”. According to Pakistan, Pak – China friendship is sweater than honey and higher than the mountains.


As such, this China-Pakistan axis poses a threat to India’s security ecosystem in the following ways:

  1. It opens a two-front war possibility for India, something which we might not be able to counter, given our weakness, especially vis-à-vis China.
  2. China is able to constrain India’s economic growth and military might by forcing India into greater defence expenditure.
  3. China wants to interfere in Kashmir issue, while India wants bilateral solution.
  4. Pakistan is able to sustain cross-border terrorism despite a domestic Balance of Payments crisis, using Chinese funds and material (including Chinese-made grenades).
  5. They’re able to combine their efforts in destabilizing Indian economy by exploiting open & porous borders with India, Myanmar and Bangladesh for:
  6. Infiltration of terrorists disguised as legal migrants.
  7. Supply of fake currency
  8. Trafficking of humans as well as goods.
  9. Money laundering
  10. Supply of illegal arms and ammunitions
  11. Further, China is helping Pakistan gain military nuclear technology like Ghazini including strategic war heads, nuclear triad etc. which further destabilize Indian neighbourhood.
  12. The two countries are also collaborating in destabilizing other Indian neighbours, including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, thereby further creating threat to India’s security ecosystem.
  13. Passing of CPEC through POK affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.
  14. Impediment in India’s bid to NSG, also China vetoes resolution against Pakistan in UNSC.


We need to strengthen our economic and security apparatus so as to able to strengthen both our domestic as well as foreign policy ventures to counter this threat.

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