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TLP 2019 Phase I Extended : UPSC Mains Answer Writing Programme

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Dear Friends,

As mentors it always feels good to see the enthusiastic participation and get a good feedback from you for our initiatives. Thank you for your appreciation in Think, Learn and Perform (TLP).

As TLP got over last week, we have been getting a lot of requests to continue the initiative. TLP was designed to help you understand the demand of the questions and improve your writing skills. Also, the program was designed in such a way that you can easily complete and revise the entire GS mains syllabus and get a proper writing practice. The plan was made in such a way that it ends well before the prelims so that you can focus on Prelims. However, we have got many mails for continuation of the program.

In order to maintain the continuity of the program, we will extend it for one more month (Till February).

In extended Phase – I of TLP we will be posting the questions from current issues pertaining to different GS subjects. This will help you to relate the current issues with static topics as well as these issues will also be helpful in prelims preparation. So fasten your seatbelts once again for a month long joy ride of learning and improvement towards the destination of success.

Everyday four questions will be posted based on a particular GS paper as per the schedule shared below. We will provide feedback to as many answers as possible, posted on the platform before 9pm. Take the feedback positively and try to improve every single day. Daily writing can ensure your selection but daily improvement is more important as that can ensure a top rank.



IASbaba: TLP Phase I – Extended Current Affairs Plan
WeekDayDateTopic (Questions will be related to current affairs from the given broad topics)
Week 1Day 61Feb 4Art and Culture  (GS I)
Day 62Feb 5Work History / Indian History (GS I)
Day 63Feb 6Indian Society (GS I)
Day 64Feb 7Geographical phenomenon and Resources (GS I)
Day 65Feb 8Ethics in Human Interface (GS IV)
Week 2Day 66Feb 11Indian Constitution and Related Issues
Day 67Feb 12RPA and Election Process
Day 68Feb 13Governance and Welfare schemes
Day 69Feb 14International Relations
Day 70Feb 15Probity in Governance
Week 3Day 71Feb 18Indian economy and  current issues
Day 72Feb 19Indian Agriculture, Land reforms, Industry and  Infrastructure
Day 73Feb 20Science and Technology
Day 74Feb 21Environment and Ecology, and Disaster Management
Day 75Feb 22Issues Related to Good Governance
Week 4Day 76Feb 25CA GS I
Day 77Feb 26CA GS II
Day 78Feb 27CA GS III
Day 79Feb 28CA GS IV


All the best


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