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Day 52 – Q 5.What is religious indoctrination? How does it lead to youth adopting the path of terror? What is the best way to prevent it? Discuss.

5. What is religious indoctrination? How does it lead to youth adopting the path of terror? What is the best way to prevent it? Discuss. 

धार्मिक मतारोपण क्या है? यह युवाओं को आतंक के रास्ते को अपनाने के लिए कैसे प्रेरित करता है? इसे रोकने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका क्या है? चर्चा करें।


Religious indoctrination is the type of biasing the thoughts and thought processing. The words are used in reference to promoting a one-sided opinion as being truthful, without allowing accesses to other ideas and with no reservation in calling it unjustifiably, the ‘truth.

Example: In the fundamentalist branches of Christianity and Islam, children are indoctrinated from a very young age that homosexuality is a sin, that you are going to hell if you don’t accept Mohammed as God’s final prophet or Jesus as your personal saviour.


Factors lead to youth adopting the path of terror:

  • Vulnerability: Young people experiencing exclusion, disorientation or a polarized world view are more prone. Example: abandoned kids, poverty, and basic deprivation of resources.
  • Immaturity at the age of teens: Any impulsive talks can trigger their minds and easy biasing can be noticed. Child with immature cognitive abilities in the helpless context of a family is an abuse of power. 
  • Religion orientation: Spirituality is being traded in the marketplace and there is no force to counter that. Youth are being over religious.
    Periodic emotional relief: The victim is always to blame and escape is extremely difficult because there is periodic emotional relief but no overall perspective.
  • Ignorance: Parents are ignored about radicalization of the youth and left unchanged.
  • In the name of education: children are sent to missionary schools and madrsas. Children mind are slowly biased to radicalization.
  • “Arabisation”: What you should wear what your rituals or inter-sex relations should be — they have directly imported this culture. Huge influence among the youth can be seen.
  • Extremism is a rational strategy in a game over power: Extremist actions are an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining power in a hierarchical environment.
  • Digital media: Viral videos, easy access of videos make easy persuasion to follow radicalisation.

Ways to prevent:

  • Strict measures: Vigilance, investigation and micro observing in the suspected areas.
  • Rehabilitation: to rehabilitate the youth who are prone to radicalization and giving right livelihood.
  • Divide and conquer: When one group is able to infiltrate the opposing side’s extremist groups, or establish relationships with ambivalent members of those groups, they can begin to create a wedge between members
  • Skilling and re-skilling:  Most of the youth are deprived by resources and poverty. Basic income can make their life to channelize to mainstream.
  • Peace building: This approach, which is aimed at addressing the underlying conditions, which foster extremism through democratization, strengthening human rights. 


Role of youth, role of parents, role of religious organization, role of media, role of the government, and role of NGOs are equally important in preventing the Religious indoctrination.

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