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Day 91 – Q 2.In what ways is the rise and spread of militant Islam in the Middle-East a threat to India’s internal security? Explain.

2. In what ways is the rise and spread of militant Islam in the Middle-East a threat to India’s internal security? Explain. 

किन मायनों में मध्यपूर्व में उग्रवादी इस्लाम का उदय और प्रसार भारत की आंतरिक सुरक्षा के लिए खतरा है? समझाएं।


Militant Islam arises from extremist interpretation of Islam .This has led to emergence of Hamas in Palestine, al Qaeda in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, ISIS in Syria, Houthi’s in Yemen.

The crisis developments in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria are destabilizing countries in the Middle East. Inability of the state to counter growing militancy leads to an increase in the activities of radical elements, whose actions tries to spread its impact over regions far away such as India, Sri Lanka. 


Impact on India’s internal security

  • Communalization of Kashmir Issue – The people who are fighting for greater autonomy in the Kashmir Valley because of peculiar historical reasons may be misled by ISIS. This may further drive a wedge between Kashmir sections of Society and Indian Union. The Islamic State terror group has claimed to have established a new “province” in India.
  • Recruitment through propaganda – With new forms of propaganda such as through internet, militant organization can woo youths by ideologically brainwashing them.
  • Dangers of Lone Wolf Attacks like the ones carried out in France. Such tactics by terrorists will be difficult to tackle by investigative authorities.
  • Terror Funding – Militant organizations have a close nexus with organized crime in the subcontinent. In order to increase its revenues there is possibility of rise in drug and human trafficking in the country.
  • Impact on social fabric – Atmosphere of insecurity and intolerance may spread through society, which can lead to increase cases of hate crimes.
  • Possible Nexus with Naxalites – Due to declining presence and influence of Naxalites, they will be forced to find allies in other terror organisations like ISIS which has access to rich resources like oil.
  • Radicalization of Diaspora – Incidence of radicalization of Diaspora can easily be seen in states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana and West Bengal. Kerala depends on remittances from the Gulf region for much of its economic well-being, which in turn translates into the Gulf’s political influence as well.
  • Spread of militant ideology – Enormous funding to Madrasa by extreme Islamic group may also cause spread of extreme idea of Wahhabis & Salafism etc.
  • Increased spending on Security – This reduces the financial resources available to government to spend on capital asset creation and welfare activities.


A well operated online intelligence, neighborhood cooperation, joint operation and database convergence could help to check influence of militant Islamic group. 

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