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Day 94 – Q 5.Is there any nexus between left wing extremism and terrorism in India? Critically analyse.

5. Is there any nexus between left wing extremism and terrorism in India? Critically analyse. 

क्या भारत में वामपंथी उग्रवाद और आतंकवाद के बीच कोई सांठगांठ है? समालोचनात्मक विश्लेषण करें।


India is among the worst victims of terrorist violence. The country has suffered massive casualties amongst civilians as well as security forces, besides colossal damage to private and public property due to terrorist incidences.


Terrorism can be defined as the illegal use of force or violence against people to create a wave of terror to achieve specific political or sectorial objective. 

On the Other hand Left Wing Extremism seen as necessary internal security issue in which people uprising against their own government over developmental and land related issues.   

In India, for the development of Left wing extremism following  reasons are responsible

Land related factors 

  • Evasion of land ceiling laws
  • Existence of special land tenures
  • Lack of title to public land cultivated by landless poor.
  • Non regularisation of traditional land rights

Governance Related Factors

  • Corruption and poor provisions/non provisions of non essential public services including primary health care and education
  • Misuse of powers by police and violation of the norms of laws.
  • Perversion of electoral politics

Displacement and forced Evictions

  • Eviction from traditionally used by tribals.
  • Displacement caused by mining, irrigation and power projects without adequate arrangements for rehabilitation.   

Livelihood Related Causes 

  • Lack of food security-corruption in the Public Distribution system 
  • Deprivation of traditional rights in common property resources. 

Apart from the above factor, formation of FRONT ORGANISATION to facilitate mass mobilisation in semi urban and urban areas through ostensibly democratic means considered as terrorist action against India. Most of the Front organisation are led by well educated intellectuals with the firm belief in the Maoist Insurgency doctrine. These Ideologies functions as masks to cover the violent nature of the CPI(Maoist) Ideology.

The CPI(Maoist) also have a strategic game-plan to create a ‘UNITED FRONT’ with all like-minded insurgent/terrorist outfits in India. Many of these outfits are supported by external forces inimical to India and CPI(Maoist) consider such alliance as Strategic Assets.

In a nutshell, the CPI(Maoist) the main LWE outfit in India, aims to overthrow the existing democratic state structure with violence as their primary weapon and mass mobilisation and Strategic United Fronts as complementary components and plans to usher in so called ‘NEW DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION’ in India.      


An Ideology based violence and annihilation is doomed to fall in a democracy which offers legitimate forums of grievance redressal. The Government is optimistic about eradicating the LWE problems through the strategic vision like Development and  Improvement in governance and Public perception management etc. 

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