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Day 10 – Q 4.Schools and colleges have ceased to become the temple of values. Do you agree? What are its implications? Examine.

4. Schools and colleges have ceased to become the temple of values. Do you agree? What are its implications? Examine.

स्कूलों और कॉलेजों ने मूल्यों का मंदिर होना बंद कर दिया है। क्या आप सहमत हैं? इसके प्रभाव क्या हैं? जांच करेंI


The question is direct. Start with describing what values schools and colleges inculcate then proceed how these values have denigrated. Implications on self and society at large are to be mentioned to address the question comprehensively.


“The aim of education is the knowledge, not facts but of values.” –William Ralph. Schools and colleges play an eminent role in cultivating these values in the young minds. Discipline, accountability, integrity, team work, compassion, trust and honesty are the most important values which are introduced in the schools.


Teacher should act as a role model to inculcate the above values in the students. However, due to commercialization of education teaching has become a pure profession rather than a passion.

Success of a student is being measured only in terms of ranks and grades which is resulting loss of values such as integrity and discipline. Students are encouraged to adopt any means-moral or immoral to achieve good grades. For example, Bihar board examinations where mass copying was done.

It has also caused increased stress in the minds of students which has resulted in unfortunate events like ending the life of another student just to avoid an exam i.e. Gurugram school incident.

In order to reduce the expenditure, several schools have outsourced transport and house-keeping to third party which lead to unauthenticated staff entering the premises. This has resulted in sexual assaults and rape of innocent children, especially in national capital and other major cities. Trust in the educational institutions is lost.

Moral vacuum created in the schools and colleges have lead to incidents such as drug abuse and intolerance towards fellow classmates. Schools and colleges have been far from successful in preventing such events.

Increased use of social media and internet has distanced the hearts of human beings. Team work and compassion have been lost. Students have become insensitive to the problems of self and society at large thus falling prey to games like Blue-Whale challenge.

Implications on Self: Loss of self-worth and confidence. Bad attributes like greed, jealousy, revenge, violence are cultivated as a result. Though one can be a successful lawyer, engineer or a doctor but one will remain as ethical dwarf without values.

Implications on Society: School is a building with four walls with a brighter tomorrow inside. If schools fail to inculcate values then future generation may be influenced by societal evils. Increase in intolerance, radicalization, gender discrimination and crime may be seen.


Schools and colleges must ensure that strong value system is in place right from the childhood through timely ethical education. Value education is the first step for a peaceful and happy society.

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