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Day 20 – Q 5.When perceptions are being forged by the media and the internet, how can one be objective? Discuss.

5. When perceptions are being forged by the media and the internet, how can one be objective? Discuss. 

जब मीडिया और इंटरनेट द्वारा धारणाएं बनाई जा रही हैं, तो कोई निष्पक्ष मत कैसे रख सकता है? चर्चा करें।


It is said that public discontent is like a chameleon, you are not aware about its existence unless you spot it. Perception is subjective feeling of deprivation than objective condition ship like social & political security, economic advancement, education, nature of governance & physical insecurity a good PDS etc. J.Nehru had said that ,”It’s better to support free media with all dangers of misuse , then to suppress it”. However, a self-perpetuating media without ethical standards is a dangerous entity. While authentic news is one of the most important entity in globalist world, flooded with information but it is seen that recently – 

Role of Media and Social Media

  • To get the message across a wider audience.
  • To spread and disseminate authentic information.
  • To strengthen the Democracy by keeping people informed.
  • To enable easily accessible, affordable and equitable information to all.
  • Each Access and Spreading of Information through the Internet.
  • To instill scientific temper and rationality in the minds of the people.
  • Be neutral in all situations and help the facts to reach the people and not shaping their perception. 

Fake news and its effects

People consumption of news through social media is increasing. Algorithms of social Media giants are deciding what news people shall consume and what not. They are also creating a closed loop of opinions rather than wider exploration.

In this scenario, fake news are getting wider attention and there is every chance people can consume it as real. So, how it shall be regulated and truth need to be disseminated is a major challenge. Truth shall not become a matter of perspective.

It should be understood that, “Democracy has to be built on reasoned discussion and debate. In the post truth era alternative facts, fake news has become a pernicious trend to influence people and their arguments.”

Important events – triggered mainly by News and Perceptions

  • Domestic
    • Mob Lynching by Cow protectors.
    • Mob Lynching against accused child lifters.
    • Panic caused during various natural calamities such as excessive rainfall, earthquake etc.
    • Defaming of a celebrity or a Politician by disgraceful messages.
    • Political battles fought on Twitter instead of Parliament.
  • Global 
    • Liberal Democracies across the world are becoming victims of alternative facts.
    • Elections in USA- shaped largely on alternative facts and perceptions.
    • The decision of BREXIT was found largely to be influenced by circulation of news through social media.

It must be noted that ,” A mature democracy will always give assent and tolerate free speech, freedom of expression and dissent” , In this regard it is necessary to Preserve Authenticity and Strive for Objectivity – by taking the Possible following measures


  • There should be detailed guidelines laid down, in relation, to broadcasting or publishing during events like terrorist attacks, natural calamities or insurgencies.
  • The government should work with Media, armed forces and all stakeholders to prevent leakages, to authenticate news and to counter fake news.
  • A separate independent media watch dog must be established on the lines of Press Council of India.  (like the one in UK).
  • Supreme court Suggestions
    • To create an independent broadcasting media authority along the lines of Press Council of India.
    • Either there should be a statutory body to look into content from both print and electronic media or PCI should be revamped.
    • SC asked the Government to amend Section 66 A of the IT Act – saying that said it is Vague and liberties of people can’t be put in danger on basis of ambiguity.
  • Levenson Report – Suggestions
    • Cross media ownership & not monopolizing the market.
    • Ensuring Financial Transparency.
    • Punish politician for paid news and media personnel should also be punished.
    • Creation of New Body for Regulation.
    • Countering Commercialism and ensuring Editorial freedom 
    • Tackling the nexus between politicians, media and corporate houses.
  • Current Scenario of Regulation
    • The electronic media is mostly self-regulated.
    • A lot of private channels have themselves set up – The News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) 
    • If something goes wrong Government can step in and punish the channels like taking them off the air for one day for so.


  • Having a rational attitude and not get swayed away by fake messages and rumors.
  • Appreciating a social system of checking facts, waiting, cross verifying the news.
  • Identify the credible media houses and those influenced by partisan politics and craving for TRPs.
  • To devalue and socially boycott media houses going for fake news.
  • To ingrain values of Tolerance and Multi culturalism.
  •  To open a war against “Value Monism” and appreciating “Multiplicity of views”
  • Using Emotional Intelligence and Social Awareness coupled with Common sense before believing to a news.
  • Comparing same news in different media houses and deliberating on the intentions based on representations and tone of the news.
  • Upholding the Media Ethics by Individuals of different media houses.
  • Thinking about the repercussions of a particular forward on Social Media.

It is imperative to understand that India is heterogeneous but kept one piece due to Noise and caucus of Democracy, it is important that Social Media and Media houses act as a Pillar to Strengthen the Democracy and not weaken its socio economic fabric. So, there is a need to balance it independence and provide an effective framework to regulate media. It is important for Individuals to use their rationality and make a personal effort to monitor news. However, any regulation should be done in a manner that does not restrict the artistic expression and freedom of speech.

BEST ANSWER: Abhishek Singh

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