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Day 30 – Q 1.Why do civil servants face ethical dilemmas while discharging their duties? Examine by taking suitable examples.

1. Why do civil servants face ethical dilemmas while discharging their duties? Examine by taking suitable examples. 

लोकसेवकों को अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वहन करते समय नैतिक दुविधाओं का सामना क्यों करना पड़ता है? उपयुक्त उदाहरण ले कर जांच करें।


Ethical Dilemma refers to a situation where decision/Choice has to be made between two undesirable/Desirable situations.


Most common form of Ethical Dilemmas faced by Civil Servants:

  • Administrative discretion.
  • Corruption.
  • Nepotism.
  • Administrative secrecy.
  • Public accountability.
  • Policy dilemmas.
  • Duty Vs Humanity.


  • Corruption: As an CAG, it is his duty to safeguard Tax Payers money and make sure every rupee is spent in a way as required. But when he finds out gross violation and brings it to the notice of concerned official they ask him to go slow. Here he is faced with dilemmas of whether to call Press conference and bring to the notice or keep quite. Official rules forbid Civil servants from going to press.
  • Nepotism and Information Leaks: As a Civil servant working in Defense Ministry, u find out that certain arms contracts are going for a particular firm associated with a Union Ministry official. In this situation, neither u cannot be a whistle blower, since it concerns National Security and it is covered by Official Secrets act or go silent.
  • Duty vs Humanity: Crowds are going unruly during a Bandh called by a particular outfit. They are damaging public property and Local police is not able to control them. Army has to be called in and power to use fire arms has to be given, but the protestors include Women and Aged persons.  

Note: Give 1-2 lines explanation and 2-3 examples enough.


Eichmann also had ethical dilemmas, whether to take side of Humanity and not carry out killings or conduct as per his oath of office to obey to the commands of Hitler. Civil servant will face it every day. So decisions have to be taken with utmost sincerity so that it causes maximum benefits and less harm to Society and National Interests.

Best Answer: Jyoti Singh.

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