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Day 10 – Q 5.The #metoo campaign is a reflection moral decline of Indian society. Comment.

5. The #metoo campaign is a reflection moral decline of Indian society. Comment.

# मी टू अभियान भारतीय समाज की नैतिक गिरावट का एक प्रतिबिंब है। टिप्पणी करें।


#MeToo is a movement which was initiated in 2006 by a social activist Tarana Burke against the dire concern of the masses on the matter of sexual abuse and harassment in America. It gain momentum in 2017 with twitter hashtag. Now it is global phenomena.


India is experiencing second wave of #metoo movement. In it, several high profile people like journalist turned politician M.J. Akbar, actor Nana Patekar are facing harassment charges, also with the retrospective effect.  By looking such scenario, it can be said that it reflects moral decline of society in following ways

  1. Patriarchy – it shows patriarchal nature of the society where women took so long to come out and confront about abuse
  2. Inequality – It shows the level of inequality present in society everywhere be it home or workplace.
  3. Intolerance – Man dominated society cannot tolerate women to move forward. So men harass women to make them feel down.
  4. Negligence attitude – Societal acceptance of laws such as Harassment of women at workplace is still negligible which in turn culminates into administrative failures.

Although, there are the contradiction to it also in following ways –

  1. Support of men – Not only women but men also came forward to show solidarity. For eg actor Amir Khan exiting from Subhash Ghai’s film following molestation charges against him.
  2. Attitudinal change of women – Now next generation of women will not grow up with the belief that sexual harassment is the price that they have to pay for becoming a part of work force.
  3. Coverage limited to upper strata – Since lower strata of women was not covered so giving such a statement would be quite far-fetched.


Gone are the days when social reformer like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Raja Ram Mohan Rai fought for the women rights. Now women herself taking charges and coming forward to overcome patriarchy and societal attitude through their firm stand on these issues. Even government’s stand like dedicated e-mail id in this regard is highly commendable. This will also help us achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 of women participation in workforce.

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