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Day 20 – Q 3.Examine the role of ‘objectivity’ in administrative decision making.

3. Examine the role of ‘objectivity’ in administrative decision making.

प्रशासनिक निर्णय लेने में ‘ऑब्जेक्टिविटी’ की भूमिका की जांच करें।


Objectivity is a concept of having reason which is devoid of individual preferences, emotions, and opinions. For example preparing a Statistical analysis on Poverty in India by Tendulkar Committee based on basket of items and certain parameters and drawing conclusions based on it is Objective evaluation of Poverty.


Objectivity is considered one of the important values in public administration both by Nolan and 2nd ARC report

  1. To avoid emotions cloud our judgement: For e.g. the influence of family and friends wile signing a contract or give favours to our kith and kin –leads to corruption, nepotism.
  2. It helps in taking right decisions when confounded with ethical issues. Ex: Rescuing vulnerable people at the time of disaster.
  3. Building consensus among stakeholders like citizens and civil society on issues. Ex: convincing slum dwellers near chemical industries to relocate based on threat to their lives.
  4. Helps in inculcating honesty and impartiality among personnel. Ex: To deliver services and maintain equity and inclusiveness
  5. Helps in maintaining situational awareness while discharging duties. Ex: during communal riots and maintaining law and order.


Along with objectivity other values like empathy, integrity are needed to take right decision.

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