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Day 20 – Q 4.What is interpersonal emotional intelligence? Discuss.

4. What is interpersonal emotional intelligence? Discuss.

पारस्परिक भावनात्मक बुद्धि क्या है? चर्चा करें।  


Emotional intelligence is the aspect of human intelligence that governs our ability to recognize, understand, control and use emotions in solving problems of a personal and interpersonal nature. According to Daniel Goleman, it has five key elements, namely, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. The last two elements together form what is called interpersonal emotional intelligence.


Significance of interpersonal emotional intelligence:

  • Empathy- Sensing feelings of others and relating to them, makes a person better listener and enables effective communication.
  • Conflict management- Difficult people and tense situations can be handled diplomatically to achieve a win-win solution for all.
  • Group organization- Groups or teams are organized around a leader with good interpersonal emotional intelligence.
  • Influence- People can effectively persuade others to build a consensus or garner support for a cause.
  • Communication- It is easier to convey a clear message with least ambiguity using good communicators.
  • Leadership- Without interpersonal skills a leader cannot exist. A good leader can guide others and helps bring a positive change in the society.
  • Service orientation- Products and services are matched as per the needs of the customer or demand in the market.
  • Personal relationships: Better able to build and maintain interpersonal relationships with the help of empathetic communication.

Use in administration:

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Understanding the need of the common man and acting accordingly
  • Building effective leadership
  • Conveying necessary information effectively, in a way that a layman can understand it
  • Working through the diverse cultures and expectations
  • Coordination within and between the organizations
  • Social Networking, to help in situations of crisis

Note: Provide appropriate examples with at least 3-4 points.


Interpersonal emotional intelligence, though being an important determinant of our social well-being and success, must be combined with a sense of reality and a socially responsible self-conscience to make sure that the social success is not achieved at the price of personal satisfaction.

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