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Day 25 – Q 3.Do you agree with the Charvaka school of philosophy? Give your views.

3. Do you agree with the Charvaka school of philosophy? Give your views.

क्या आप चार्वाक दर्शन से सहमत हैं? अपने विचार दें।


One of the revolutionary philosophy of the time was Charvaka school of philosophy, as it did not give emphasis to the concept of god and spirituality despite India being entirely religious and spiritual land. It is also known as Lokayatan philosophy. It also criticized Brahmanical traditions, which promoted yajnas and dakshinas to the extreme


The key concepts of charvaka philosophy are:

1.Perception is the primary and proper source of knowledge and inference is either conditional or invalid

2.Man should live his life to the fullest and even Man should borrow to eat and live.

  1. He denied the existence of any supernatural entity and considers man to be the centre of all activities.
  2. He believed in the existence of a practical world and not in the life after death, soul ,karma – dharma and rebirth concepts.

“ Yavat jivet sukham jivet , rine kritva Ghritam Pibat”

Charvaka’s views hold a range of discussions in today’s era because: –

  1. Man will be able to live without the fear of heavenly.
  2. More time and effort for betterment of human life and society because of man is centre of all activity concept.
  3. Reduction in communal problems and abolition of caste system can be achieved to the fullest.
  4. His philosophy of metaphysics denying led to growth of other ascetic religion like Buddhism and Jainism which are still preached worldwide.

5.The idea of perception and inference led to the idea of development of science and society. People began to think about the validity of present system

  1. The life is meant for self-development and pleasure in terms of health and wealth. If we are happy only then we can think of pleasure of others. It is ethical to enjoy worldly pleasure without harming other. To quote Ambedkar,

“Man is not born only for social development but also for his own development.”

  1. This philosophy promotes self-belief and discards superstition which is essential for succeeding in life.

Negative aspects of this philosophy

  1. Decline in social capital – Excessive individualism lead to less social relationship impacting one’s social being.
  2. Exploitation of nature and natural resources – Everyone in the race of having material wealth creates ecological imbalance.
  3. Pleasure and pain are two dualities which can’t be ignored and can’t be felt without one another. Thus one can’t be in pleasure all time and ignore pain.
  4. Away from spiritualism – Spiritualism is one of the important needs of mankind. Completely focussing on this world reduces spiritualism. Spiritualism also binds people and guides towards them wrong and right.


Chakravaka school of philosophy holds the key for a more rational society owing to its broader looking attitude, but lack of spiritualism could create a world of greed and lust, if left unchecked. Thus in today’s society a balance between spirituality and utilitarianism is needed to achieve in order to function it well

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