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Day 35 – Q 2. How does information sharing lead to empowerment of the citizenry? Illustrate.

2. How does information sharing lead to empowerment of the citizenry? Illustrate.

सूचना साझा करने से नागरिक सशक्तिकरण कैसे होता है? उदाहरण देकर स्पष्ट करें।


Information sharing that was earlier subjected to the government’s discretion was brought to forefront and made an essential tool of our democracy through Right to Information Act (RTI). Other than that present day activism has brought light on the importance of information sharing.


Empowerment through information sharing:

  • Informed decisions- Information sharing helps in transforming citizens into informed citizens, who are capable of understanding and reflecting upon the public policy and programs and based on that are able to make informed decisions about the political future of the country.
  • Active citizenry- RTI has helped in transforming the people from passive subjects to active citizens who are questioning about the aims, process and funding of the policies and programs.
  • Rights of backward classes- Through information accessed through RTI SCs, STs etc. are asserting their rights by exposing misappropriation and corruption.
  • Assertion of demands- Many of the demands from the socially and economically underprivileged sections are coming after they have received data and information through RTI, thus it has giver voice to hitherto voiceless groups.
  • Participative citizens- RTI allows any Indian citizen to participate in governance by enabling her or him to seek information about Central and state government activities.
  • Ending corruption- From fighting “illegal” selection in jobs to favouritism in government contracts to getting the land meant for a public park back from the civic bodies, to eventually cancelling mining operations in Goa, information sharing has helped countering corruption.


Information sharing can thus help empower citizens, however due caution needs to be exercised so that it does not create a havoc like use of social media to defame or filing fake RTI that drains resources.

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