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Day 35 – Q 3. Given a chance to prescribe code of ethics for civil servants, what suggestions would you give? Discuss.

3. Given a chance to prescribe code of ethics for civil servants, what suggestions would you give? Discuss.  

यदि आपको सिविल सेवकों के लिए नैतिकता के कोड को निर्धारित करने का मौका दिया गया, तो आप क्या सुझाव देंगे? चर्चा करें।


  • There is no Code of Ethics for civil servants in India although such codes exist in other countries. What we have in India are several Conduct Rules, which prohibit a set of common activities. These Conduct Rules do serve a purpose, but they do not constitute a Code of Ethics.
  • There is a concern that more ‘generic norms’ need to be added to the list of accepted conduct in the form of Code of Ethics.


Suggestions for Code of Ethics

  • The core values of integrity, objectivity, merit and excellence should form the basic framework of the Code of ethics.
  • Conflict of interest should be comprehensively covered in the Code of Ethics.
  • Also, serving officials should not be nominated on the Boards of Public undertakings.
  • Provisions should inculcate a commitment to excellence, and determination to uphold the provisions of the Constitution, in public servants.
  • ‘Public Service Values’ towards which all public servants should aspire, should be defined and made applicable to all tiers of Government organizations.
  • Any transgression of these values should be treated as misconduct, inviting punishment.
  • In all levels of public services, selection and promotion procedures should include the ethical principles also.
  • While framing the Code of Ethics, remarks made by the Committee on Prevention of Corruption (‘Santhanam Committee’-1964) must be remembered.
  • “…The lack of moral earnestness, which has been a conspicuous feature of recent years, is perhaps the greatest single factor which hampers the growth of strong traditions of integrity and efficiency”.


  • For this moral earnestness and efficiency of civil administration, Hota Committee, Second ARC and various other commissions and committees suggested a Code of Ethics for Civil Servant.
  • With the rising level of corruption and other incidences of questionable behavior of civil servants, it is need of the hour to implement the Code of ethics for public servants and organisations.

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