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Day 40 – Q 4. Technology and innovation are the keys to effective utilisation of public funds. Elucidate.

4. Technology and innovation are the keys to effective utilisation of public funds. Elucidate.

प्रौद्योगिकी और नवाचार सार्वजनिक धन के प्रभावी उपयोग की कुंजी हैं। स्पष्ट करें।


Effective utilisation of public funds is an important aspect of governance ethics. Technology and innovation can help to maintain effective, transparent and accountable utilisation of public funds in various ways. There are any examples of technology and innovative ideas already being implemented in India and the world.


Minimum government maximum governance: Is the motto of current government. It is nothing but to make shrewd investments and expenditures from public funds with broader motives of transparency, accountability and swift service delivery.

Effective and efficient service delivery

There are various apps and online platforms for various public services which help in not only reducing the shoe-leather cost and time of citizen but also save ample amount of public money by reducing the physical infrastructure and manpower.

Transparency in functions and processes of governance:

An example to understand the role of tech and innovation is cVIGIL app; It is a mobile app launched by Election Commission of India (ECI) to ensure free and fair elections. Through it citizen can directly complain to ECI if they find any election malpractices.


To understand relationship between Tech & innovation and accountability, best examples is of a multi-purpose and multi-modal platform PRAGATI (Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation). The PRAGATI platform uniquely bundles three latest technologies: Digital data management, video-conferencing and geo-spatial technology.

The platform is aimed at addressing common man’s grievances, and simultaneously monitoring and reviewing important programmes and projects of the Government.

Timely implementation of projects with accountability at every level will help in effective and efficient utilisation of public funds.

Welfare of all sections of the society:

Since welfare measures are taken with the help of public money, it is important to take scientific and innovative approach for it.

DBT, e-Education, tele-medicine and such other innovative ideas are nothing but with intent to use every penny of public fund in welfare of all sections of the society.

Curbed corruption and leakages

Corruption and leakages in the service delivery system that were the biggest roadblocks to inclusive growth and sustainable development have been tackled effectively by using the trinity of JanDhan Bank accounts-Aadhaar digital identity and Mobile phones or JAM trinity.

Direct Benefit Transfers of financial entitlements into the bank accounts of the poor have benefited 515 million people and has curbed corruption and leakages in the system.

Eco-friendly utilisation of public funds:

Renewable energy mission, innovative public transport system etc are again steps towards sustainable and effective utilisation of public funds. Development with none or minimum environmental externalities is moral and ethical duty of all.


It can be concluded from above observations that preferring technology and innovation over conventional methods of service delivery and governance will not only help in effective and efficient utilisation of resources but also establish corruption free and sustainable New India.

Best Answer: Ankur

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