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Day 40 – Q 2.What is self awareness? How does it help an individual in dealing with day to day issues? Examine.

2. What is self awareness? How does it help an individual in dealing with day to day issues? Examine.

आत्म जागरूकता क्या है? यह दिनप्रतिदिन के मुद्दों से निपटने में किसी व्यक्ति की मदद कैसे करता है? जांच करें।


David Goleman defines self-awareness as “knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources, and intuitions”. It is the awareness of the self – including thoughts, experiences and abilities. A person with self-awareness possess high emotional intelligence which is a prerequisite for success.


Helping individual in dealing with day to day issues:

  • Knowing one’s strength and weakness: self-awareness helps an individual in picking up the tasks analyzing one’s capacity to deliver. E.g. A child picking up his talent. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar knew cricket was his strength rather than studies.
  • Controlling one’s emotions: self-aware people tend to act consciously. When one is aware of the emotions which make him/her weak , he/she can control the same and act consciously. E.g. A civil servant/ a celebrity not losing temper on provoking questions by media. 
  • Anticipation of situations and influence: A higher level of self-awareness enables us to better predict how certain future situations will influence our state of mind. E.g. if one is aware that flattery excites him/her, actions out of excitement can be controlled beforehand.
  • Better understanding the emotions of people around: It helps us in grasping the emotions of the persons we know. This also have positive influence on people around us. Thus, the situations are better handled. E.g. anticipating the reaction of public after the repeal of Article 370 and taking appropriate measures.
  • Better deal with the external factors which can’t be controlled: Self-awareness helps one to embrace the reality and helps in maintaining optimism and keep away negative influences. E.g. a person struck in heavy traffic on which he/she can do nothing about it be at least stay calm instead of being agitated or frustrated which might ruin his/her day.
  • Controlling actions: self-awareness helps in taking effective decisions with awareness about good and bad for oneself. E.g. though watching movie is relaxing, marathon watching in Netflix is harmful. A self-aware person would know when to stop.

In the same way, Self-awareness is advantageous for a civil servant to handle media, handle petition-givers, protestors, elected representatives and so on and is an essential component of emotional intelligence.

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