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Day 55

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Day 55 – Case Study Q 5.

5. You are the founding member of a political party that was born out of an agitation against corruption in the country. Even though you and your partners never wanted to contest elections, the circumstances were such that you were forced to enter the very same political system that you . . . Read more

Day 55 – Case Study Q 4.

4. It is said that a doctor performs the noblest profession. Doctors are considered God by many in different parts of the world. You were always attracted to this profession and wanted to become the best doctor in your area so that you also could save lives and feel good . . . Read more

Day 55 – Case Study Q 3.

3. As an agent of the secret service of the armed forces, you have the responsibility of spying over the enemies and pass on vital strategic information to the government of your country. You have been trained and nurtured in a manner that you won’t even hesitate to kill an . . . Read more

Day 55 – Case Study Q 2

2. You are posted as the District Magistrate in a hill district of a North Indian state. The locals have an age old tradition of sacrificing animals during the month of harvest. They celebrate the sacrificial ceremony with great zeal and vigour. However, the Supreme Court has just banned the . . . Read more

Day 55 – Case Study Q 1

1. You are posted as the block development officer in a district. Menstruation is a taboo in one of the villages of the district and people hardly talk about it. In fact, menstruating women aren’t even allowed to enter temples and are forced to sleep on the floor. Women use . . . Read more