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Day 60 – Case Study Q 4.

4. One day your best friend calls you and asks for your advice in a personal family matter. Your friend’s brother has failed in 12th Board for the fourth time and his family thinks that he is failing intentionally. Your friend tells you that his father is a popular lawyer of the town and also runs a business of food catering. He has several contacts as a lawyer which ensures that the business runs quite well. His brother has always wanted to run the business and feels that getting a degree isn’t really required for that. However, his father asserts that with education comes empowerment of the mind and while a degree won’t serve any purpose for the business per se, it would ensure a respectable standing for his son in the society. He has already planned the handing over the business to his son provided he gets a degree. However, his brother is so much infatuated by the idea of running a business that he can’t even wait for few years. His heart beats for the business. Your friend’s brother and father had a bitter exchange of words and both of them are unwilling to change their stand. Your friend is feeling perturbed and wants your advice. He personally feels that his father is right and that his brother should pay heed to his father’s advice.


    Now answer the following questions:

  1. Why do such problems arise in Indian families?
  2. What advice would you give to your friend?
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