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Day 58 – Q 4.What governing standards from the corporate world can be emulated in the government and vice versa? Suggest.

4. What governing standards from the corporate world can be emulated in the government and vice versa? Suggest. 

सरकार कॉर्पोरेट जगत को एक दुसरे से कौन से शासकीय मानकों का अनुकरण करना चाहिए? सुझाव दें।


Employment processes and standards in both corporate world and under the government have their own affirmative scopes and limitations. There are numerous standards that can be implemented on both sides to better the employment environment respectively.


Corporate governing standards that can be emulated in the government:

  • Performance based appraisal: Private corporate sectors are well-known for their regard to performance and employee motivation. In government employment, promotions are usually time based and performance, though important, is only one of the factors. Senior designations, in government jobs, though almost invincibly powerful, may only come after years of patience.
  • Age, attempts and positions: Corporate jobs are filled based on demand and recruitment drives happen all year long as long as there is a need. Positions are filled in campus recruitment, referral recruitment, online recruitment, and through other means in usually straightforward and streamlined processes.  Most public-sector positions are opened up for a limited period of time and at a nationwide level.  The decision-making process can be long-drawn and take upwards of months to arrive at a selection. 
  • Individual initiative: Private jobs have the opportunity to make provisions for innovative and individual initiative by sharp employees. On the contrary, government jobs ensure a monotonous hierarchy and process with fewer provisions for change.
  • Competitive and motivational employee programmes: Corporate standards ensure timely employee recreational and motivational activity based programmes which help enhance employee performance and interaction with top level and team mates alike.
  • Professional process and no overlapping procedures: Government standards are known to be a long drawn process, with overlapping processes, lacking professionalism and accountability. Corporate environment prevents this kind of lethargic and time taking norms and working.

Government working standards that can be emulated in corporate governance:

  • Job Life Balance: Since job performances are directly related to job growth, the work culture promotes a certain level of competition, often unhealthy, to keep up the pace. Government jobs are relatively relaxed, more stable and routine based ensuring a smooth or planned personal life as well.
  • Avoiding extreme pressure for performance: Better devolution of work and pre informed work goals ensure comparatively lesser pressure on the individual and thus avoid many health disadvantages born out of pressure and target based corporate environment.
  • Better retirement and additional facilities: Compared to the standards of government employment governance, corporate work demands a fast paced high growth culture, and sometimes can end up foregoing additional facilities and lack security of job. 


There are challenges and manifold advantages on both sides of work governance. Inculcating the best of both sides with professionalism and ethical standards as a guideline will be the most effective way forward.

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